Improve international turns four today


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By Susan Davis, Executive Director

It’s hard to believe we were officially formed four years ago today. Let’s raise a glass of clean water (or coffee or wine or beer if you prefer) in a toast.  So what are we happy about right now?  One big thing is that representatives of two major donors referenced our WASH manifesto last week. As a reminder, here it is:


Our WASH manifesto

Heather Skilling of USAID showed the manifesto during the USAID WASH Sustainability webinar on June 5 (see recording here) and shared the links to our water and sanitation failure statistics.  And Erica Gwynn of the Rotary Foundation mentioned one line from the manifesto “Let’s invest in people not hardware” several times during her presentation at the WASRAG World Water Summit in Sao Paolo.

We’re glad to see this momentum because we’d like to help solve the global water, sanitation, and hygiene problem. We don’t want to be celebrating too many more (organizational) birthdays!

Celebrating improvements!

Celebrating improvements!


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